imageJ W Young Halal has been specialising in Halal Shariah compliant meat products supplying schools, institutions, prisons, hospitals, and catering services with Halal products, for over 30 years.

We have invested heavily in a state of the art Halal Factory and Halal manufacturing plant which we hope shows our commitment, passion, and pride in meeting your individual business and religious needs.

We have two major well established and recognised Halal monitoring bodies that constantly check, and audit the trail for reassurance. The two bodies are Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC UK) and Council For Mosques (Bradford) Halal Monitoring (CFMHM).

We have continued to invest in our plant to ensure it is modern, unique, and innovative. We feel it is the only plant of its kind in the U.K, specialising in HMC fully monitored products and furthermore having the capacity to produce a high volume of frozen free flow meat, and poultry. All our products are British sourced and of a high 95% visible lean content. In the day to day handling of Halal all staff are trained to appreciate the importance and correct procedures of Halal which are then strictly adhered too.

We are an open and transparent business and invite delegates and potential business partners to visit our purpose built Halal HMC approved factory to view first hand all products and discuss in detail the service we have on offer.

We feel very passionate and dedicated about Halal meat (Shariah) and have taken all the steps necessary in ensuring that our products are 100% none stunned Halal. To meet the correct requirements of the Muslim community, we have also adopted a five module document endorsed by Council for Mosques (Bradford) who are a specialised Halal monitoring body for Schools and institutions throughout Bradford. The document is an audit trail and details independent inspection of the systems and processes in place which ensures product integrity at all stages of the supply chain.

In addition to our approved Halal Meat and Poultry cutting plant we are proud to announce that w have recently opened our new purpose built Halal Sausage, Burgers and Koftas factory which is situated on the same site as the Halal cutting plant, producing solely HMC approved products.

We would more than welcome the opportunity to discuss the comments aforementioned above. Should you wish to arrange a visit and inspect first hand the facilities and products offered at J.W.Young (Butchers) Halal or alternately at your request would like to arrange a visit to your premises, please contact us

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