Here at J.W.Young Halal we feel it is integral to integrate environmental aims into our business planning processes to ensure ongoing improvements to our environmental impact.

To ensure we are keeping to the highest environmental standards possible we adhere to the following environmental mission statement:

  • To comply with and wherever possible to exceed all relevant environmental legislation
  • To minimise our consumption of resources and raw materials
  • To minimise emissions and reduce energy consumption
  • To minimise the waste from our production activities and recycle whenever possible
  • To (where possible) produce recyclable products or products from sustainable sources
  • To (wherever possible) purchase from suppliers who share our care for the environment
  • To review our environmental impact on regular intervals using a system to measure and report on our environmental impact
  • To actively communicate with our employees on our environmental program and engage then in actively pursuing good environmental practice, monitoring + reporting on our progress with periodic reviews
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